Folic Acid & Its Benefits


Just recently I was prescribed more medication (Oh no! But hey, It’s seriously gonna be okay), Folic Acid –  1mg Why Folic Acid? — you may ask. There is a connection between folic acid and Bipolar Disorder.  The benefits include:  Relief from depression (Unipolar and Bipolar) Relief from Bipolar Mania.  And much more.   Folic acid and bipolar disorder evidence Below are a...

September Update!


  Medicine Update: I visited my psychiatrist for a monthly check in.  She said I looked great and she said it looks like the medications are working well for me, which they are! I have two new changes to my cocktail of Bipolar Disorder I meds. Trileptal – 150mg has now ti-rated to 300mg, which is the therapeutic dosefor stabilizing moods. I LOVE Trileptal, it has helped me in ways I can’t...

Meet Melanie

My name is Melanie Weaver.  I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I – Rapid Cycling.  Thank you for reading my blog! I want to encourage and bring positivity into the lives of those with Bipolar Disorder and share my stories.

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