Welcome to the Jungle


I usually don’t read a lot of self help books but I decided to pick one up called “Welcome to The Jungle;  Facing Bipolar Disorder without Freaking Out”


This book is insanely good.  It drew me in instantly.  It’s on point yet comical in some ways to keep your interest.  I’m already half way through this book and I highly recommend those with Bipolar Disorder to give it a read.  I even recommend family members and loved ones to read it too to get a basic understanding of what Bipolar Disorder is all about and what we face.

So I picked up on a little bit of reading.  I think once I finish this book,  I will move on to other great self-help books.  My psychiatrist lent me a couple on self-esteem.  I will read those next.

Until next time!

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By Melanie

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My name is Melanie Weaver.  I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I – Rapid Cycling.  Thank you for reading my blog! I want to encourage and bring positivity into the lives of those with Bipolar Disorder and share my stories.

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