September Update!



Medicine Update:

I visited my psychiatrist for a monthly check in.  She said I looked great and she said it looks like the medications are working well for me, which they are!

I have two new changes to my cocktail of Bipolar Disorder I meds.

Trileptal – 150mg has now ti-rated to 300mg, which is the therapeutic dosefor stabilizing moods. I LOVE Trileptal, it has helped me in ways I can’t even begin to describe. It helps me stabilize and feel a real sense of self happiness. It doesn’t feel forced or fake.  I am able to smile again and feel like myself.  I’ve never felt like myself in a long time and this medication has helped me clear the foggyness of what I used to be. I finally am starting to feel like the Melanie I used to know.

She also added a new medication to be regimen, Trintellix (Vortioxetine), which is an antidepressant,  this is an adjunct therapy to my anti-psychotic, Rexulti.  Why add an antidepressant? This is to help balance out the depressive symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Will it make me manic? No because it is adjunct therapy and this is a very common addition to Bipolar medications.  This will lift the depression fog.

I don’t feel numb or like a robot.  I’m starting to feel better, probably the best I’ve ever felt.  The medications help me see clearly and I am able to recognize my moods and it helps me point out my triggers.  I feel like the fog has been lifted and I am able to enjoy life again.  Yes, I still do need some work and Bipolar Disorder is always a never ending battle, all that’s important is that I get well and start living my life again.

My Medicines:


Working Out:

I have access to a rowing machine. YES! A rowing machine!

I started rowing a few days ago.  I am also eating healthier and taking better care of myself.  I believe a healthy body and mind work so well together.  It’s important to stay healthy when battling a mental disorder.  Working out helps lift my self-esteem and mood and I generally just feel better.  I will continue rowing weekly and pushing myself to the limits to stay fit and healthy.  I am so happy that I found rowing.  I enjoy it more than any other work out regimen that I’ve tried in the past.

I used to have a bad habit of drinking sodas and eating your regular Americanized fast food, I’m glad to say I have finally cut those bad habits out of my diet.  I drink plenty of water and hot tea.  I eat plenty of greens, chicken, foods with lots of fiber. I love Avocados and those are an excellent addition to my diet.

So the good news, I’m working out, planning on getting more fit and generally staying healthy!~

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