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Folic Acid & Its Benefits


Just recently I was prescribed more medication (Oh no! But hey, It’s seriously gonna be okay), Folic Acid –  1mg Why Folic Acid? — you may ask. There is a connection between folic acid and Bipolar Disorder.  The benefits include:  Relief from depression (Unipolar and Bipolar) Relief from Bipolar Mania.  And much more.   Folic acid and bipolar disorder evidence Below are a...

Welcome to the Jungle


I usually don’t read a lot of self help books but I decided to pick one up called “Welcome to The Jungle;  Facing Bipolar Disorder without Freaking Out”   This book is insanely good.  It drew me in instantly.  It’s on point yet comical in some ways to keep your interest.  I’m already half way through this book and I highly recommend those with Bipolar Disorder to give it a read.  I even...

September Update!


  Medicine Update: I visited my psychiatrist for a monthly check in.  She said I looked great and she said it looks like the medications are working well for me, which they are! I have two new changes to my cocktail of Bipolar Disorder I meds. Trileptal – 150mg has now ti-rated to 300mg, which is the therapeutic dosefor stabilizing moods. I LOVE Trileptal, it has helped me in ways I can’t...

Music & The Power of Healing


I am an avid vinyl collector and it fills my soul with so much happiness. I love all kinds of music, but my heart goes to Electronic Music.  I started listening to Electronic Music when I was 9 years old.  My older sister would bring home CD’s from house DJ’s when she used to go clubbing back in 1999-2000, this was during the popular dance era in Orlando/Tampa.  I’ve seen the evolution of...

My Story


All my life I knew I was different from everyone.  I was quiet, I kept to myself.  I didn’t have many friends.   I didn’t think I fit in with this world.  Here is my story on my Bipolar trials and triumphs. At the age of 16 I went in to see a doctor, who did a psych eval on me and said I was possibly Bipolar.  At the time I didn’t want to believe it.  I thought there was nothing wrong with me and...

Meet Melanie

My name is Melanie Weaver.  I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I – Rapid Cycling.  Thank you for reading my blog! I want to encourage and bring positivity into the lives of those with Bipolar Disorder and share my stories.

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